Working With Us

The McMaster Research Institute (MMRI)

The MMRI supports research projects of the following categories:

I. Basic, Pre-Competitive Research

Long term, pre-competitive and fundamental research that will have universal applicability independent of restrictions related to ownership of intellectual property. The duration of these research projects will typically average three (3) years or longer. Such projects will be typically supported by the Federal Government's Natural Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), Materials and Manufacturing Ontario (MMO), and in some cases by industrial grants.

II. Applications Engineering

Research and development projects sponsored by industrial partner(s), with a typical duration of three (3) years or less. The research focus, milestones, and deliverables are all specified in close consultation with the industrial partner(s). Whenever appropriate, efforts will be made to attract additional support from such partners as MMO, and/or NSERC's relevant programs, and the associated technology will be subjected to advanced application-oriented development.

III. Industrial Process Development

Typically projects of this nature will have a timeline in the order of one year. Research initiatives will respond to industry needs for advanced manufacturing process development and/or current process enhancement. These efforts may be funded entirely by the participating industrial partner or in conjunction with funding available through federal and/or provincial organizations (e.g. National Research Council's Industrial Research Assistance Program).

IV. Technology Transfer

MMRI is committed to providing continuing education opportunities for the manufacturing industry. Customized educational opportunities in the form of workshops, short courses, and seminars can be developed and delivered in response to the identified needs of the manufacturing industry. These courses may be process specific or focus on the presentation of advanced technical strategies which individual industry participants may integrate into their own manufacturing operations. Workshops will be organized to exhibit and promote both academic and industrial contributions to manufacturing technology advancement.

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Industry Collaboration

Industry collaboration is at the core of the MMRI research efforts. We engage in both short-term technology transfer projects as well as in-depth, multi-year basic research programs with industrial partners. Government sponsored programs are available to facilitate University-Industry interactions through Ontario Centres for Excellence (OCE) and National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC). These programs offer cash incentives to offset the costs of collaborative projects.

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