Our Research Labs

Centre for Advanced Polymer Processing and Design (CAPPA-D)

Dr. John Vlachopoulos

CAPPA-D is involved in research, education and technology transfer in the area of polymer processing and rheology. Projects involve formulation, conversion and characterization of plastics, mathematical modeling of single and twin screw extrusion, coextrusion, injection molding, thermoforming, rotational molding, film blowing, reactive extrusion, mixing and coating. Funding is provided in the form of research grants and contracts from NSERC of Canada, Centres of Excellence (Ontario) and several corporations from Canada, USA, and overseas.

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Machining Systems Research Laboratory (MSL)

Dr. Mo Elbestawi, Director

Current research work at the MSL is focused on the area of Machining Systems, including studies related to advanced machine tools and metal cutting. In general all research projects are rather fundamental in nature; however they are strongly linked to industrial R&D of interest to manufacturing industries involved in machining.

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Metal Forming Laboratory (MFL)

Dr. Mukesh Jain, Director

The Metal Forming Laboratory (MFL) of the MMRI is engaged in a wide range of scientific and applied research on many aspects of sheet metal forming to provide a basic understanding of the factors that control the formability of sheet materials into desirable components.

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Micro Manufacturing Laboratory (MML)

Dr. Stephen Veldhuis, Director

The Micromanufacturing Laboratory (MML) is involved in a wide range of scientific and applied research on many aspects of manufacturing small objects and components.

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Robotics and Manufacturing Automation Research (RMAL)

Dr. Gary Bone, Director

The Robotics and Manufacturing Automation Laboratory is an extensively equipped research facility. The laboratory features: ten PCs, four industrial robots (PUMA 762 with 20 kg payload capacity, GMF-A1 with 20 kg payload capacity, a PUMA-560 with 5 kg payload capacity and a CRS-F3 with 5 kg payload capacity), four open architecture control systems based on Quanser MultiQ and Delta Tau PMAC boards, custom robotic hands and grippers, and a variety of sensors and actuators for building prototype robotic systems.

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Thermal Processing Laboratory (TPL)

Dr. Mohamed Hamed, Director

The main objectives of the Thermal Processing Laboratory are as follows: to engage in research related to thermal processing, offer R&D facilities, expertise, and technology for the thermal processing industry, commit to developing and investigating the best solutions for Canadian industry, and assist industrial partners to solve immediate problems and help develop long-term R&D strategies.

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