Our Research

Materials Processing and Development: Microstructure

The following images help illustrate the materials processing and development area of our research.

Orientation Distribution Study

Comparison of electron image and orientation map

Microstructure Characterization

DP600 steel agglomerates of fine ferrite and martensite

Microstructure exhibits evident martensite bands parallel
to the sheet surface

Damage Development in Dual-Phase Steel DP600

Microvoid nucleation results from either decohesion at the ferrite-martensite
interface or from separation of adjacent martensite particles

Cup-cone fracture

Coalescence of microvoids located at martensite centreline is the dominant form of damage

Microvoids formed at inclusions prior to deformation, apparently play no role in the nucleation of damage

Damage development

Analysis of the Effect of Strain Path Changes on Microstructure and Damage Evolution

Laser micro-grids


  • There is a significant strain partitioning between ferrite and martensite depending on their spatial distribution and morphology.
  • No statistically significant difference in void growth behavior has been found for RD and TD directions in uniaxial tensile tests.
  • Voids grow remarkably faster in the case of biaxial testing comparatively to uniaxial tension.