Hamed Herati
Summer Research Assistant,
2009 and 2010



Contact Details

Email: hamedh1987 [at] gmail [dot] com




Education Background

Bachelor of Engineering and Society (McMaster University), 2010



I worked at the Meta Forming Laboratory (MFL) for two summers as a research assistant. I also performed my final year mechanical engineering design project in the same laboratory. Some of my main activities were:

  • Calibration of Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT) sensors for hydraulic bulge testing experiments.
  • Development of data acquisition system for the purpose of obtaining data from hydraulic bulge test experiments.
  • Development of software using LabVIEW to plot relevant graphs in realtime during bulge test experiments.
  • Development of a high temperature gas bulge testing die to deform sheet metal at high temperatures.
  • Development of temperature control system for elevated temperature bulge test experiments.


Hydraulic Bulge Testing

The hydraulic bulge testing machine allows biaxial deformation of sheet metal through a frictionless method (pressurized water or gas).


LabVIEW Data Acquisition System

Using LabVIEW software, a data acquisition system was developed for the purpose of obtaining radius of curvature data from LVDT sensors and plotting radius vs. time graph. Also, the average strain on the sheet metal was calculated from the radius of curvature data, allowing the program to plot strain vs. time graph in real time.

The following images are screenshots from the program. The left screenshot shows strain vs. time plot (top) and the radius of curvature vs. time plot (bottom). The right screenshot shows stress-strain comparison between a conventional uniaxial tensile test and a biaxial bulge test (yellow line).