About the MMRI

The McMaster Manufacturing Research Institute (MMRI), one of the country's most advanced and best equipped research laboratories, combines research excellence with state-of-the-art equipment to meet the sophisticated research and development needs of leading manufacturers. Created in 2000 with more than $10 Million in funding from its founding sponsors; the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI), the Ontario Innovation Trust (OIT) and the Ontario Research and Development Challenge Fund (ORDCF) and industry partners; the MMRI provides a focus for high-profile research and serves as a vehicle for university-industry-government interaction. In addition the institute promotes, encourages, and performs fundamental and applied research in cooperation with its industrial partners and provides systematic mechanisms for technology transfer and infusion of knowledge and research results.

Renowned faculty members from several departments; mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, materials science & engineering, engineering physics and electrical & computer engineering, combine their expertise in machining, metal forming, polymer processing, thermal processing, micro-manufacturing, grinding, robotics and manufacturing automation to conduct industry-relevant research, educate undergraduate and graduate students and train post-degree professionals.


The following are some of the main objectives of the MMRI:

  • Provide a focus for high profile research activities in the field of manufacturing engineering. Such a field is multi-disciplinary in nature and the MMRI promotes academic cooperation between the participants.
  • Foster long term, pre-competitive, fundamental research that will have universal applicability, free from restrictions related to ownership of intellectual property, or the type of education the students involved will receive.
  • Provide a vehicle for University-Industry interaction in the field of Manufacturing Engineering. MMRI provides an organization to aggressively promote, encourage, and perform fundamental and applied research, in cooperation with industrial partners.
  • Educate Master's and Ph.D. graduate students so as to satisfy the current and projected need for people with this type of training in industry. The Institute will also provide significant support for the education of undergraduate B.Eng. and B.Tech. students.
  • Provide systematic mechanisms for technology transfer and diffusion of knowledge and research results. These mechanisms will include contractual research and development projects, research reports, short courses, workshops/seminars, and training facilities for industry employees to further their knowledge.
  • Provide a vehicle to enable industry and the community at large to become more fully aware of the unique capabilities and contributions of McMaster's research investigators in manufacturing.